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LFR Incoming

Few notes:

  • Raidbots is beginning to collect LFR parses.  These won’t show up on the site initially but the data is going to be collected and I’ll update the bots to handle it within the next couple of weeks.
  • I’ve added a header ad to the site to help offset the costs of the new hardware and the additional data I’ll be collecting.  I’m not 100% sure if I like this or not.  Let me know if you see any incredibly annoying ads there or if there are any weird display issues (header gets too tall, etc).  If it helps with the costs and isn’t super annoying I’ll probably keep it there.
  • I’ve tweaked a few minor things on the frontend (mostly invisible stuff) in order to get rid of some cruft.  Let me know if any of the charts or bots don’t work (things like auto-complete, chart rendering, etc).

Stay tuned!


New Hardware!

In all likelihood, you’re viewing Raidbots on the new hardware.  Hopefully the switchover goes smoothly.  I’ll be monitoring the site and fixing any last minute bugs that pop up.

Any CompareBot compares from the last 24 hours or so may be gone so you would have to re-run those.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please let me know if anything is weird!

Hardware Upgrade – No Monday Update :(

I’ve procured some new hardware for Raidbots and will be moving the site over the course of the day/week depending on how long it takes.  Expect a few blips here and there as I’ll be doing a large amount of copying which could affect site performance/availability.

Update Sunday, 11PM EST: Database copy is taking quite a long time and will go for a while overnight.  This will continue to result in slower site performance and there will be no update tomorrow.  Once the new server has all the data and checks out, I’ll manually run the update and make magic happen so everyone just sees the new machine with up-to-date data.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

(Updated) Maintenance Complete

Update 6:05PM EST: Database maintenance complete.  Couple of last minor steps and bringing the site back up.  Thanks for your patience!  Let me know if anything isn’t working!

Update 5:47PM EST: Rebuilding indexes…  I probably don’t need quite this many indexes…

Update 4:23PM EST: Still going.  Initial estimate was incorrect.  Will update again when it’s done or in an hour.  Weird that I keep updating on the 3s…

Update 3:23PM EST: Repairing the last database.  I suspect 45-60 minutes until the site is back up.  Thanks for your patience!

Update 2:43PM EST: Software updated, working on compacting databases now.  This will take awhile…

I’m currently doing some server work that will require a couple/few hours of downtime.  I’ll update this post with any updates or information as I figure out how long it’s going to take!

Feel free to go chat on the forums if you’re bored!

Upcoming Maintenance

At some point this weekend (probably 2012-1-1 in the afternoon EST) I’m going to be doing some maintenance on the site.  I will almost certainly be taking the site down for a few hours in order to do this work.  I’m not totally sure how long the site will be down right now as some of the work I want to do may take quite a bit of time.

For the nerds out there, this is what I’m up to:
– Updating all server software to the latest version (mostly security fixes and whatnot)
– Upgrading the database to the newest version (this is more important and could take some time)
– Compacting the database to give me a little more breathing room in terms of disk space.
The last one is likely the most time intensive and important.  The Raidbots database is currently at about 100GB and steadily growing.  The newest version of Mongo has some functionality that should help contain the growth a little bit to allow some more time before I need to start upgrading the server hardware.
I’ll post updates on this blog and on the Raidbots forum thread.

Daily Updates Now at Noon EST

Due to some changes World of Logs is making, Raidbots will be updating an hour or two later than it usually does.  The job to process all the exports will now start at 10 EST instead of 8 EST.  This should likely result in Raidbots being up-to-date from the day before at closer to noon EST based on how long it takes to process.

Hopefully, this change from World of Logs will result in more parses making their way to Raidbots.  They identified some issues with live logs that could cause the spotty reporting of parses that a bunch of you folks have seen.  Pushing the data export that I use back a couple hours should hopefully result in no more missing logs! \o/

Also, today’s batch of data didn’t quite run properly because of the time change.  It should sort itself out by tomorrow.

Bug Fixes, Help Me with Potential Mistakes!

Bugs/issues addressed:
  • LFR should not be processed at all and should not show up on the site.  It’s too much data to store for not a lot of benefit (note: this does rely on World of Logs correctly identifying a parse as LFR and not normal.  If WOL thinks it’s normal, Raidbots thinks it’s Normal)
  • Fixed tracking of Yor’sahj.  I was not matching WOL’s usage of the full name of the boss.
  • Brazil servers added
  • Added Rune Tap to DK Significant Class Skills
Help with CompareBot Potential Mistakes!

I’m also not actively playing right now so I’m not up-to-date on the mechanics of the new bosses.  If you like to use CompareBot and want to see some of the boss abilities tracked on there, let me know in the forum!  I’ll run a pass on my own but I’ll certainly miss things that you guys would like tracked.

4.3 Data Starting to Show Up

Data for Dragon Soul should now be flowing into all the ‘Bots around here.  I have a request open with World of Logs to see if I can backfill the data between 4.3 launch and today to make sure all your first week reports are in EpeenBot and that there is some continuous data from the launch of 4.3

As always, let me know if you find an issue or if reports aren’t showing up (that’s something else that the WOL guys are looking into).

4.3 Update

So I think stuff should be as ready as I can make it.  Tomorrow morning we’ll see if the data importer and WOL play nicely together.  Expect a few bumps and let me know if you find any problems with CompareBot, EpeenBot, or DPSBot!

Firelands has been moved into Previous Tiers.  I’m not entirely sure how WOL will track Spine and Madness of Deathwing so we’ll see how that pans out.

Update: Looks like the new bosses didn’t show up in the WOL export.  Email out to them to figure out when that should show up.  Might be a couple of days before we have data here – I’ll keep the blog updated when/if something changes.

Update Hiccup

Looks like Daylight Savings time broke data updates for today and yesterday.  I’ve fixed the issue and am getting data up to date now.  Sorry for the bug!