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4.0.6 Numbers

4.0.6 is out!  The numbers for specs will start being gathered tonight (data is pulled every night at about 2AM EST and it takes 2-3 hours for the full run).  DPS increases will probably show and be clear within the next few days as guilds get their kills going this week and new records are set.  Specs that got hurt might take a little while longer to see a clear effect as new records may not be set as quickly for them.  Regardless, it’ll be fun to watch over the next few days and weeks to see how 4.0.6 shapes up.



Spent a little more time cleaning up the style on the site, Top DPS especially.  The page shouldn’t wrap elements in weird ways anymore and everything is now centered and 1195 pixels wide.  The boss navigation on top DPS is much nicer, the colors for specs of the same class are slightly different and a little brighter, and the legend of the chart is sorted by top DPS and includes the most recent average DPS sample from the most recent run.

I did a fairly fast browser compatibility check but let me know if something doesn’t look quite right (or is outright broken) in your browser.

As usual, please let me know if you run into any problems or have any ideas.  At this point, I’m probably going to start populating CompareBot with more information about the heroic fights and maybe adding a couple new bits of data on there as well.

Happy raiding!! More Stuff! is now live!

The new historical Top DPS stuff is all there.  The one launch caveat is that there is not yet a lot of data for heroics, 10 mans, or the summaries.  These are gathering data daily and should start making more sense once there’s 2+ weeks of parses seen.

Let me know if you run into any problems or if you see any old links that don’t properly redirect!

1/13 Update


  • Hopefully fixed a nagging issue where the World of Logs link was incorrectly using ICC as the raid in all links.  This should be resolved over night as the pages are generated.

Also, I’m getting closer to finishing the historical view of the Top DPS.  It’s coming along nicely and should provide a pretty nice way to watch classes gain/lose relative power after patches or as higher level gear becomes available to the top ranking players.