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3/30 – More Tabs!

Back from vacation and a couple little tweaks:


  • “Healing Targets” tab is now in place.  This will be mostly useful for comparing healers in the same raid/fight since it uses the actual character names in the tables.  Marking players as DPS/Tank/Healer isn’t really possible with the data I have access to, sadly.
  • Compares that focus on a particular section of a fight (aka any WOL report using a custom Time Range) will use the duration of that slice properly for any column that uses it (hits/minute, etc).  If that time slice is just one fight, it should also properly show the name of the boss.
  • Added Earth Shield uptime % to Resto Shaman summary.

All of these changes came about from suggestions from you guys!  Let me know if you want to see something and as long as I have the data available, I’ll try to get it in as soon as I can!


2/27 Updates


  • ‘Targets’ and ‘Healing Taken’ tabs have relevant data for new compares.  The ‘Targets’ tab compares information from the ‘Damage by Actor’ tabs from World of Logs.
  • Found some bugs with totals and crit %s in the Healing tab (was double counting crits in some cases).  This should all be fixed up.
  • Heroic Magmaw and Heroic Omnotron Defense System have a few more debuffs and mistakes tracked.


  • Reduced whitespace in a few places to get more information above the fold.  Overall, things are a little busier but I think the slightly higher information density is good.  Let me know if you disagree!

President’s Weekend Tinkering

Lots of little tweaks and additions here are there this weekend!


  • There’s now an optional description field for guild reports.  Nice for summarizing which bosses a full night of attempts covered since I don’t parse that out right now.
  • Full raid reports are now broken down into tabs instead of one big Summary chunk.
  • Sortable tables finally default to descending sort.  No more double-clicking to sort mistakes and buffs and stuff.
  • Spells now have a Wowhead tooltip on full raid reports.
  • Players on full raid reports now link to the Armory.  For new reports, a class icon is shown next to their name.


  • Better error handling and reporting.  If something goes terribly wrong, an error page shows up and I get an email about what happened.

CompareBot – Heroic Debuffs and Mistakes

Spent an exciting Friday night watching season 2 Fringe episodes and poring over logs.  At this point, most if not all spells being tracked in normals is now also being tracked in heroic (they all have different spell IDS, you see).  There are still some holes in 10 man heroic spell IDs since some of the end bosses only have public logs that last a minute or two so spells from later phases are nowhere to be found on World of Logs at this time.

I haven’t spent much time determining which heroic-only spells to show in the debuffs and mistakes sections yet so I’m open to suggestions.  My own guild (US 84th 25 man guild!  Always looking for exceptional players!) is getting a few more heroics under our belt so I’ll have a much better idea of how fights work as we get more progression done.

If you have suggestions on what spells you’d like to see in those sections, please let me know!  Nearly anything that shows up in the character details page is something I can call out in the Summary section.

CompareBot Bookmarklet

CompareBot has a new, experimental bookmarklet that could make comparing parses easier.  There are brief instructions on the CompareBot page beneath the raid compare form.

Basically, drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and then click on while browsing parses on World of Logs.  It has a memory of up to 3 parses (just like CompareBot) and you can choose all the parses without the copy/paste dance you have to do now.

I know it works it Chrome and Firefox but I was not able to get it to work in IE after a few minutes of fiddling around.  From a little bit of research, it looks like it’s a huge pain in the ass to get it to work so I won’t spend a ton of time trying to get that to work.  I’m new to bookmarklets so if I’m missing something, please let me know.  Most of you are Firefox/Chrome users according to my logs, so I apologize to those few of you stuck without a choice at work.

This is very beta.  I’ve never played with bookmarklets before so I’m sure there are issues that I haven’t seen.  Please use replies to this post (or email) to let me know if you can’t get it to work.

2/6 Updates


  • Compares can now be marked as “Unlisted” – right now this only controls whether or not the compare will show up in the Recent Comparisons list on the front page.  In time I would also use it to control whether or not parses come back in search results if I get to that.


  • Patch dates (or other notable game changes) can be marked on the timeline chart.  Given that 4.0.6 should come out on Tuesday, that date should be marked for a nice indication to see how DPS is affected.  Note that it’ll probably take a some days/weeks to see the full effects of the changes in the charts since I pull the last 2 weeks of data.

I’ve made the move to using git to control the live and dev environments as well.  Hopefully this should make it easier to make sure I don’t make mistakes when pushing new code to the live site. I’m new to git so I’ll probably make some mistakes as I go (like I did briefly tonight and took the site down).

2/4 Updates


  • Time Warp and Bloodlust should now properly be combined in personal and raid reports.  Everything shows up as Bloodlust (even Heroism you dirty Alliance).
  • Moved potions into a new Summary section (Pots, Consumables, Etc) and also added max level bandage usage, health pots, mana pots (though this shows the total mana gained, not the number of pots used), and healthstones.
  • Note: lightwell ticks and proper Time Warp/Bloodlust folding will only work for new reports.

Minor Fixes


  • Finally removed the links to quickarmory since that site appears to not be coming back.  Sad day

Player Raid Achievements

  • Updated character links to go the new armory site
  • Slightly better error handling and reporting for problems with the Armory.



Spent a little more time cleaning up the style on the site, Top DPS especially.  The page shouldn’t wrap elements in weird ways anymore and everything is now centered and 1195 pixels wide.  The boss navigation on top DPS is much nicer, the colors for specs of the same class are slightly different and a little brighter, and the legend of the chart is sorted by top DPS and includes the most recent average DPS sample from the most recent run.

I did a fairly fast browser compatibility check but let me know if something doesn’t look quite right (or is outright broken) in your browser.

As usual, please let me know if you run into any problems or have any ideas.  At this point, I’m probably going to start populating CompareBot with more information about the heroic fights and maybe adding a couple new bits of data on there as well.

Happy raiding!

Bugs Squashed


  • Dark Intent should be handled properly for Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, and Warlocks.  The bonus damage portion of the buff is tracked and the uptime % is shown on compares.
  • Some caching stuff wasn’t working properly after the migration so some compares were taking a long time to reload.  Everything should be cache properly now and compares should almost always load in less than a second.
  • When a fight has an ability with multiple spell IDs under the hood, the total of those abilities should be shown on compares.  For example, there are multiple Fireball Barrage damage taken spell IDs that should now be properly summed instead of only showing the count for the last ability seen.

Otherwise, the new server seems to be humming along without too much of a problem.  Please let me know if you run into any errors or performance problems!  Most pages should load in under a second after the initial big work is done so let me know if anything is sluggish.  Note that the first time you run a compare or if an armory cache is stale, it may take a little while to collect all the data from external sites (aka World of Logs and the WoW Armory).