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3rd Party JavaScript

A fair number of visitors to Raidbots use extensions like NoScript (or perhaps even turn JavaScript off entirely).  I wanted to write up a brief post about which sites do what and why I use them in case you are wondering what to allow or deny.

Scripts from scripts must be allowed/enabled for the site to work properly.  Charts, UI interaction, and more rely on JavaScript.  With this turned off, most of the site won’t really work.

Scripts from

These scripts are used to show pop-up tooltips on CompareBot.  That’s about it!  Pretty safe stuff, used all over the web.

Scripts from, and

Just used for the Like, +1, and Tweet buttons on the site.

Scripts from

Analytics for me.  I use them to gauge traffic and whatnot.

Scripts from

These are for serving up ads.  This is the core script to block if you don’t want to see ads from various folks.  I have the least amount of control over what ends up coming from this.  If you do block these scripts and, thus, block the ads, please consider donating a buck or two so I can keep my servers running and keep tracking new information!

Scripts from other sources

Any other scripts that are run would be triggered by the ads themselves.

Why use javascript for charts and other stuff?

Basically, javascript lets me both make a smoother user experience in terms of faster page loading and niceties like dynamic tabs and the like.  While it’s certainly possible to make the site work without javascript, it would require a fairly large coding effort and could also add a considerable strain on the server for those pages.  I build this site in my spare time and want to be able to focus on cool new tools, not have to grind away at full compatibility for the most users.  I know this means that the site won’t work in certain browsers or devices but I’m confident the majority of folks will be able to use the site.

Let me know if anything doesn’t work or if weird scripts show up

As WoW players and MMO fans, I know you guys are concerned about security – I am too.  I want to make sure my site is safe and that ads are relevant.  If you see gold seller ads, let me know and I can block them from showing up again.  If anything weird or dangerous shows up from third parties, I’ll remove the scripts and/or block anything I can to make sure everything being used is legitimate and safe.


2 responses to “3rd Party JavaScript

  1. Philip December 28, 2012 at 1:51 pm


    Am wondering why other members of my raid group got their logs already up in while mine isn’t? we raided at the same time so am wondering why my logs is not showing up in your site. My character is Keigä from US-Terokkar. Am pointing the December 27-28 parse. Thanks

    • seriallos December 29, 2012 at 12:28 pm

      There’s often a slight delay in seeing recent parses. Check again today to see if your parses are showing up correctly. If they still do not show up, try force refreshing the page (ctrl-F5 on Windows) or clearing your browser cache.

      If that still does not work, send me some links to World of Logs parses with your character in them that are not showing up on EpeenBot and I’ll take a deeper look.

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