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MoP Normal Data Available

Data has started flowing back into the site.  Right now WOL is unable to differentiate between normal and heroic which is why the main page appears to not have been updated.  This will be fixed sometime in the near future but for the moment you’ll have to switch to normal.  I’m considering switching it to normal and then switching back but I fear folks might get more confused than they already are at the blank state of the home page.  We shall see.

You can hop directly to 25 Normal Spec Score with this URL:

Some people have been sending me some issues with EpeenBot and others (thank you for the reports!  I will respond when I fix them!) and I’ll be taking a look at those when I have some time, probably this weekend.

There will be some more kinks.  World of Logs is dealing with some combat log changes that Blizzard implemented that make determining difficulty and size much harder than it used to be.  There will definitely be bugs in the short term as they figure out how to solve those problems.

Let me know if anything else isn’t quite working correctly!


5 responses to “MoP Normal Data Available

  1. Hollyriku October 11, 2012 at 9:33 am

    So, are monks not liked or something? I cannot pull up my monk: Hollyriku@Stormrage-US, even though other people in my guild, same reports, are getting their data pulled.

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