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Monthly Archives: July 2012

New Hardware!

In all likelihood, you’re viewing Raidbots on the new hardware.  Hopefully the switchover goes smoothly.  I’ll be monitoring the site and fixing any last minute bugs that pop up.

Any CompareBot compares from the last 24 hours or so may be gone so you would have to re-run those.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please let me know if anything is weird!


Hardware Upgrade – No Monday Update :(

I’ve procured some new hardware for Raidbots and will be moving the site over the course of the day/week depending on how long it takes.  Expect a few blips here and there as I’ll be doing a large amount of copying which could affect site performance/availability.

Update Sunday, 11PM EST: Database copy is taking quite a long time and will go for a while overnight.  This will continue to result in slower site performance and there will be no update tomorrow.  Once the new server has all the data and checks out, I’ll manually run the update and make magic happen so everyone just sees the new machine with up-to-date data.  Sorry for the inconvenience!