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Upcoming Maintenance

At some point this weekend (probably 2012-1-1 in the afternoon EST) I’m going to be doing some maintenance on the site.  I will almost certainly be taking the site down for a few hours in order to do this work.  I’m not totally sure how long the site will be down right now as some of the work I want to do may take quite a bit of time.

For the nerds out there, this is what I’m up to:
– Updating all server software to the latest version (mostly security fixes and whatnot)
– Upgrading the database to the newest version (this is more important and could take some time)
– Compacting the database to give me a little more breathing room in terms of disk space.
The last one is likely the most time intensive and important.  The Raidbots database is currently at about 100GB and steadily growing.  The newest version of Mongo has some functionality that should help contain the growth a little bit to allow some more time before I need to start upgrading the server hardware.
I’ll post updates on this blog and on the Raidbots forum thread.

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