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Daily Updates Now at Noon EST

Due to some changes World of Logs is making, Raidbots will be updating an hour or two later than it usually does.  The job to process all the exports will now start at 10 EST instead of 8 EST.  This should likely result in Raidbots being up-to-date from the day before at closer to noon EST based on how long it takes to process.

Hopefully, this change from World of Logs will result in more parses making their way to Raidbots.  They identified some issues with live logs that could cause the spotty reporting of parses that a bunch of you folks have seen.  Pushing the data export that I use back a couple hours should hopefully result in no more missing logs! \o/

Also, today’s batch of data didn’t quite run properly because of the time change.  It should sort itself out by tomorrow.


2 responses to “Daily Updates Now at Noon EST

  1. Bl4ckSh33p December 31, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Looks like it’s broken again. I uploaded logs 2 days ago but they are still now showing up. 😦

    logs from 29.12.11 –

  2. seriallos December 31, 2011 at 11:56 am

    I see your parses. Make sure you’re looking at the right spec and raid size using the menus on the left side. I see the following from 29.12.11:

    Morchok – 10N Feral Bear
    Zon’ozz – 10N Balance
    Yor’sahj – 10N Balance
    Hagara – 10N Balance
    Ultraxion – 10N Balance

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