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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Raid Achievements Broken :(

This has been true for a while and I’m just starting to get around to fixing it.  Time has been sparse recently and it’s going to require a good chunk of work to get this working again.

The core issue is that Blizzard finally shut down the old armory which is where raidbots was getting player achievement.  I’m in the process of writing code to use the new WoW Community APIs but it’s quite different than the old XML feeds.  It may be a while until I have enough time to sort this all out.  Sorry!

In other news, the hurricane didn’t break anything!  \o/  Hooray!


Backups and the Hurricane

Raidbots lives in a datacenter in Virginia so there’s the small chance that it could go away.

In light of that, I’m running some backups right now Just In Case which could affect the speed that the site responds.  Hopefully this won’t take too long and the impact to the site will be minimal.  And even more hopefully, the site will just stay up!

Fixes for Russian/Non-Standard Named Characters

Updated Update 5:05PM EST: Epeen Bot should be good to go.  I reran the migration script which I hope caught the folks that were having problems.  Please let me know if you are still seeing issues with your characters.

Update 3:00PM EST: I introduced some fairly serious bug(s) with the update last night that’s causing a lot of folks not to be able to see their characters on Epeen Bot.  I’m going to be taking a look at this tonight but I won’t be able to get a fix in place for several hours.  Sorry!

I just pushed a change to the site that should  fix Epeen Bot for characters that have Russian names as well as characters that started with funky accented characters.  Turns out I was using some incorrect functions when dealing with those names and lookups were coming up empty due to an annoying localization case sensitivity issue that I hadn’t foreseen.

So go forth and see your measures!

Also, sorry for those folks who got a bunch of timeout pages earlier.  Turns out creating an index on the main collection for the Epeen Bot data in the foreground can slow things down for a bit!

JSON Feeds Now Available

I put together some basic documentation on a couple of JSON feeds that are available:

The data available right now is basically the data that powers the charts for DPS Bot as well as specific player data used in Epeen Bot.

Let me know on the forums if you doing anything cool or need any more information!