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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hello MMO-Champion!

Quite a treat to wake up and see so many people checking out the site!  Amazingly enough there have only been a few hiccups on the site and I’m watching the server closely to make sure it stays up for you folks.

Couple quick notes for those new to the site:

  • As much as I love Boubouille, I would suggest not putting a lot of stock in the Overall DPS chart he linked on the front page.  The Spec Score page (the default home page) is a far better reckoning of how specs are doing.  There’s more about Spec Score on the bottom of the main page or you can go read the great post from Eidotrope on outdps that he just posted.
  • Some new friends from Russia (and elsewhere) are noticing that Russian and/or accented characters may not work in Epeen Bot.  This is a known issue that I’ll try to tackle this weekend.  I have data for those characters, there’s just a bug in how I handle complex characters that seems to not yet be fixed.
  • For the moment, the daily updates are on hold while the traffic stabilizes.  The data crunching job takes enough time and processing power that it would slow the site down when there are this many visitors.  I’ll have that back online and up-to-date as soon as possible.
Oh, and the reason the chart looks so funky after the patch (for both Spec Score and Overall DPS) is because data coming in can be pretty sparse.  Fire mages spike super high because most of their parses are coming from Alysrazor which skews that graph pretty bad.  You’ll notice that Spec Score doesn’t have that crazy spike since it handles those situations much, much better than Overall DPS.
Enjoy the site!  Let me know if you run into any problems, have any suggestions, or just think it’s cool!

7/16 – Epeen Bot Updates

Made a few small updates to Epeen Bot

  • Bosses now have icons!  Sweet!
  • Starting this week, new parses will have a link to the report on World of Logs, Raid DPS, Raid HPS, and a quick view of the raid comp in the right-most table below the chart.
The new data is only available for parses starting a few days ago.  I’m not sure at this time if I can go back in time and add the data to older parses.
Let me know if you run into any problems with any of the new stuff!



7/11 – 4.2 Boss Datas – Also, Epeen Bot!

Just went through and updated the Raid Achievement Bot with relevant 4.2 raid achievements and updated Compare Bot with some potential mistakes for the new Firelands bosses (huge thanks to Chris!).  Basic normal mode abilities are what should be covered right now for all formats (10 and 25, normal and heroic).  Heroic -only abilities are probably not accounted for at this time.

If I missed anything that you think should be in that list, let me know!

Also, Epeen Bot is still new and shiny and received some minor updates (typos, style issues, etc).

And to make DPS Bot not feel left out, Argaloth should now be properly show up in the previous tiers menu.  Good ol’ Argaloth.

The bots are now happy.

Minor Update: There’s a bug with Epeen Bot right now if your character names starts with a funky letter, potentially.  For example, if your character name starts with Ñ and you search for that character, it may not show any results.  The current wordaround is to change the URL and swap out the lowercase funky letter to the upper case version.  I’ll try to fix that tonight.

7/10 – Say Hello to Epeen Bot!

It’s been in the works for a while and I’m finally releasing it!

Epeen Bot!

The newest bot to the family lets you take an in-depth look at any single character that has public parses on World of Logs.  You can check the history of DPS for that character and see how they compare to the rest of the raiding population.

There’s a lot more info on how it works and what it’s showing on the FAQ once you look a character up.

Let me know what you think!  Report any bugs!  Rant and/or rave about it on your guild forums!

Last note – I’m using CloudFlare in the hope that it’ll provide some site speedup among other things.  If you notice anything weird on any of the old stuff, please let me know!

7/7 – Minor Updates

You can now get to the 4.0 bosses from the Previous Tiers navigation in the right column.  There was much rejoicing!  I forgot to fix a bug that definitely affects Firefox and may affect IE where some bosses (Beth’ilac most notably) will show the wrong menu.  I might try to just ninja fix that tonight.

I’ve added a few more percentiles to the mix (25/75/95/99) mostly in support of an upcoming new Bot.  Data is being crunched for the past as we speak.  It’ll take a while.

A few folks have been sending me some info on new mistakes and debuffs to track for the new bosses.  Those people are awesome.  I’ll hopefully get to those later this week or next as I carve out some time.  For the moment, I’m in the middle of a bunch of work on the new Bot so I’m focusing on that until I can ship it.

Happy raiding!