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Monthly Archives: June 2011

It Works! Early 4.2 Data for Firelands Normal Modes

It appears that the data import worked without any problems so I’ve rescheduled the automatic job.  Note that the home page defaults to 25 HEROIC and there won’t be any data until at least next week.  It all depends on if/when the guilds getting the heroic kills make their WOL logs public.  You’ll note that there is no data for Ragnaros 25N today because the guilds that have gotten kills either don’t use WOL or have private logs.  The new bosses will also have a pretty empty graph since only one point is being plotted and you can’t actually see it.  Again, time heals all Raidbots wounds and this should sort itself out pretty quickly.

CompareBot seems to functioning properly as well so that should work for compares on the new bosses.  I have not yet put together a list of significant buffs/debuffs and potential mistakes as I’m not yet familiar with the new fights – I also won’t likely ever be super-up-to-date as I’m not raiding at this time.  If you have thoughts on what should show up here, please leave a comment!

Raid Achievements is also pretty empty for 4.2 right now.  Again, I’ll be going through the list of achievements when I have some time to make sure that’s up-to-date.  Do note that 4.0 achievements are now considered to be “done” and getting the achievements at this point will show up as “Completed after patch.”

Let me know if you run into any problems!


4.2 Data As Soon As Possible – Things Might Get Messy

So, theoretically I’ll have 4.2 data on Wednesday.  I suspect there will be some bugs that I have to work through in my own code once I get the data from World of Logs and it’s also likely that boss detection on WOL won’t be perfect immediately.  I plan to get things working around here as quickly as possible.

One thing to note – once I have 4.2 data, I will stop tracking new parses on the 4.0 bosses.  Spec Score and Overall will only count the Firelands bosses and the new loot pinata boss.  Adjusted Spec Score will go away initially (if not entirely) for the new raid until more is known about the encounters.

As of tomorrow, the 4.0 bosses will be archived and won’t show up in the menu.  You’ll still be able to get to them by playing with the URL.  I plan on making an “Archived Raid” menu at some point in the near future to be able to see those bosses but that won’t be in place tomorrow.

I haven’t made up my mind about the default home page status yet.  For the moment I’m going to stick with defaulting to 25 HEROIC Spec Score which will be empty for at least the first week.  I may switch this around so you may want to double check the page title and/or navigation to make sure you are looking at the format you want.

I fully expect weird behavior tomorrow when I start running the updates and will try to fix problems as soon as I notice them.  Please report any issues that you find.

Stay tuned!