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Monthly Archives: May 2011

5/31 – Slowdowns and 4.2

Couple quick things – sorry if you’ve been running into errors on the site. I’m working on a new feature that requires a massive data migration that I’ve been running on and off for the last few days. I’m still tweaking it so that I can it in the background without slowing down the site itself but I haven’t found the sweet spot yet. And for that, you may have seen some errors and I am sorry.

I’m also working on some basic support for 4.2 as information becomes available. If you’ve been running new bosses on the PTR and have been logging them, report any parses you have on the World of Logs forum thread. ┬áRaidbots depends on WOL being able to properly parse the bosses so the sooner they have their own parsing working, the sooner Raidbots will be able to properly crunch the aggregate data and be able to properly compare.

Also, I’m not raiding at the moment so please comment here or contact me via email with potential errors and significant debuffs for CompareBot. ┬áI’ll take a shot at picking out what looks important but I won’t have first hand experience.

Anyway, cool new stuff coming as I have time to finish it up!