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Monthly Archives: March 2011

3/30 – More Tabs!

Back from vacation and a couple little tweaks:


  • “Healing Targets” tab is now in place.  This will be mostly useful for comparing healers in the same raid/fight since it uses the actual character names in the tables.  Marking players as DPS/Tank/Healer isn’t really possible with the data I have access to, sadly.
  • Compares that focus on a particular section of a fight (aka any WOL report using a custom Time Range) will use the duration of that slice properly for any column that uses it (hits/minute, etc).  If that time slice is just one fight, it should also properly show the name of the boss.
  • Added Earth Shield uptime % to Resto Shaman summary.

All of these changes came about from suggestions from you guys!  Let me know if you want to see something and as long as I have the data available, I’ll try to get it in as soon as I can!


3/26 – View More History on DPS Bot

For the last week or two, I’ve continued to make backend/admin tweaks for myself to control space issues and track usage of the site.  However, I did just add a quick little feature for folks interested in a longer history than the 30 days shown on the Top DPS Bot.

You can now tweak the Top DPS Bot URL to see further into the past: – 60 days from today instead of 30 – Just show the last 2 weeks

This works with any raid size or boss.  When I have some time, I’ll hook up an actual input control on the site so this is easier to control.  The code to handle it in the URL was pretty trivial though so I just went ahead and added it.

It’ll only ever go back to the first day of data that I have access to so if you try putting in a huge number, it won’t show you a mostly empty graph.  At the moment, I only really have data for maybe 3-4 months so there’s nothing beyond that.


3/20 – Many Minor Tweaks

I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering alongside the sysadmin-y stuff this weekend.  Most of it is fairly minor or backend stuff (internal stat tracking, slightly better error handling, fixing PHP notices, and the like).

One note about the Raid Achievement Bot – it looks like the old armory is responding with errors fairly frequently.  I’ve added handling so that a bad lookup results in an actual error message rather than an incomplete listing of achievements but there’s nothing I can do to really “fix” the issue since Blizzard is not returning any data.  I’ve added some monitoring to see how frequently this occurs.  I can only hope Blizz is aware of this and/or finally adding new/better support on the new armory site.

I’ve also added another ad below the boss list on the DPS History pages.  So far it looks like ad income might actually provide a small but noticeable offset of server costs and may provide enough passive income to allow me to expand the scope of things around here.

I’ve been having a lot of philosophical arguments about having ads on the site.  While they offend my minimal aesthetic, they do provide a way to keep the site free to everyone.  I imagine most of you are fairly ad-blind anyway so you may not even notice that they are there.  Do you have any strong feelings on ads around here?  Is anyone interested in more direct support in the form of premium services or donations or anything of that sort?

Update: Added a donate button to the footer of every page if you are so inclined.

3/19 – Deletes are a Pain

I’ve successfully purged old individual compares older than a month and their related parses but haven’t made a huge dent in the disk space problem that instigated this whole project.  Given the fact that I’m rapidly running out of space, I am going to be deleting old full raid reports.  Similar to the individual parses, this is the criteria I will be using:

  • Full raid report was created over 30 days ago.
  • The report has had fewer than 25 views.

Bear with me while I get all this stuff lined up properly.  I may cause some site slowness while my scripts sort through all the sordid details and figure out what I can safely drop and what I can’t.

Update: Deletes run, down to about 7GB on the CompareBot DB (down from about 12GB).  Sadly, Mongo is sort of a pain when it comes to reclaiming disk space that it has already allocated so I haven’t really opened up that much.  I’ll probably need to bump up the size of the VM running the DB so I can repair the database and reclaim some space and give myself some head room for growth.  I’m so tired of being stuck in sysadmin mode!

3/16 – Pruning Old Compares

I’m working on some code that will delete older compares so I don’t end up filling up all of my disk space with old, unused data.  My plan is to delete parses based on the following criteria:

  • Compare is older than a month.
  • Compare has been viewed fewer than 10 times.
  • Compare is between individual parses (not raid compares).

I’ll likely set up something similar for raid compares but perhaps keep them for longer.

I hate deleting anything but disk space is pretty hard to come by on a hobbyist budget.  Looking at some of the new data from WOL, I’ll be needing a large chunk of space to handle it.

Expect old compares to be deleted within the next week or so.  Once that’s done, I’ll really be able to start playing with the new WOL data and get something new to look at!

3/9 – Ads, Data, and Minor Fixes

First up, I’m toying with Google ads at the bottom of the page.  While I’m not crazy about ads in general I am crazy about more disk space.  Getting a decent amount of disk space is hard to do on a hobbyist’s budget so I’m curious to see if I can utilize advertisements to drum up a little bit of cash to offset the monthly hosting cost.  This is something of an experiment that I’ll probably be playing around with a little bit.  Please let me know if you hate it, don’t care about it, or are independently wealthy and want to set me up with dedicated, well-connected, and spacious hardware!

Secondly, both State of DPS and I have access to some totally sweet data from World of Logs.  Every boss kill from every day reaching back to just before 4.0.6 and going forward every day.  I’m playing with some things with it now and I’ll almost certainly be able to hook some cool things into CompareBot with it as well.  Pretty excited, just need to find some time.

Last, minor updates.


  • Properly added Potion of Concentration to consumable list.
  • Toyed with some class abilities.  Let me know if one you want to see isn’t on there yet.

3/5 – Significant Class Skills

Significant class skills are now being pulled and shown for new reports for both “personal” and full raid reports.   A “significant class skill” is generally a powerful cooldown ability (shield wall, guardian spirit, DPS cooldown, survival skill, etc).  I am sure my list is incomplete and I missed key skills for some classes/specs so please let me know if you’d like to see something on the list.

There are some skills I don’t think I can track at all, sadly. Some of the following don’t show up on the pages I’m looking at (character detail pages):

  • Power Word: Barrier
  • Paladin Guardian Angel Thing
  • Anti-Magic Zone
  • Shaman Totems

I also pushed code a little early that broke all the individual compares for a few minutes.  Sorry if that affected you while you were using the site!

3/1 Updates and Feedback

I need some help!  I’m adding class specific “significant skills” to the summary of personal comparisons and I need YOU to help me figure out what I should show there.  I have some of the spell IDs plugged in for priests and feral druids, but I need experts like you fine folks to let me know what else I should highlight on the summary tab.  For an example, you can look at some priests from heroic Magmaw – 2 disc and 1 holy.  For ferals, I’m tracking abilities like Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Berserk, etc.  I need you to let me know what I should track for your class.

CompareBot Update

  • Fixed a bug where the Targets tab would show incomplete data if an actor name showed up more than once.  Now I’m calculating the total if the same name shows up more than once.