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Raidbots Frozen, No Further Development

So, the new expansion is out but Raidbots hasn’t been updated. What’s up? And what’s with all the downtime recently?

TL;DR: Raidbots is frozen until I can figure out a way to permanently archive the site and/or release the data and code. Warcraft Logs now has similar features which you should take a look at.

I haven’t actively played WoW in several years at this point and the amount of time I’ve been willing to spend on Raidbots has been minimal.  For the last year or two, keeping the site updated with new bosses has been about the only thing I’ve done.  However, it’s become more and more difficult for me to keep up with these changes.

In addition, there is now another combat logging site out there (Warcraft Logs) which a lot of folks are using.  Raidbots only receives data from World of Logs which means that the aggregate data available is less comprehensive now.  On top of that, Warcraft Logs is adding features that were once unique to Raidbots.

The physical machine that hosts Raidbots has also been having various issues from looming hardware failure to problems with the hosting company.  The site was down for roughly two weeks because it took several days for me to realize the site was down and then another week and a half to take action on it.  Once it came back up there have been issues with the data processor that have left it stuck at the point at which it went down.

At this point, I feel like Raidbots has achieved the goals I had when I started building it and gone far beyond what I had expected.  It provided a unique aggregation of data for raiders for several years.  I learned valuable technical skills and lessons that will stay with me.  And at this point, I believe there are better alternatives to Raidbots so that folks looking for this kind of information have somewhere else to go (that happens to be more actively developed and maintained right now).

So here’s the plan:

  • Raidbots will stay online for the immediate future but will not be processing any new data.
  • The site will not be updated for Warlords.
  • I will try as hard as possible to either create a more permanent archive or release all the data/code so that the historical information on Raidbots is not lost.

The only alternative right now is Warcraft Logs.  Those folks have been building tools that provide similar information as DPS Bot and Epeen Bot.  Check them out to see if the tools there fit your needs.

It’s been a pleasure being part of the WoW community for so long and I’m super happy with the way all of you have used the site over so many years.  I’m definitely sad to be turning off the metaphorical lights but hopefully you can still get the info you need elsewhere.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here or send me an email!


Updated for Patch 5.4!

Just a quick note that World of Logs has implemented initial Siege of Orgrimmar support. I’ve gone ahead and updated Raidbots to start handling those results.

As usual with a new patch, data will be a bit hit-or-miss as information starts streaming in and WOL tweaks their boss handling. Expect wild variations over the next couple of weeks.

Raidbots Outage

Server is having issues.  Hosting company is looking into it now.  Given that it’s late for me right now, I may not be able to get the site back up until tomorrow morning!  Sorry for the outage!

Update 12:47AM EST: Possibly a router issue at the hosting company.  They continue to look into the issue.

Update 9:07AM: Aaaand we’re back!  Turns out it was a networking issue at the data center.  Things look to be fine now.  Please let me know if you run into any issues!

Throne of Thunder

I have updated the site to have the ToT bosses as well as using them as the default set for the main aggregates (Spec Score, Overall DPS).  World of Logs is still working on proper detection so the usual caveat of the first week or two applies – data will be a bit messy as first kills come in, boss detection gets cleaned up by World of Logs, and all that jazz.

Data should start showing up as soon as tomorrow afternoon, US East Coast timezone.

Update 2013/3/8: Changed “Horridan” to “Horridon”.  Should start picking up data for that boss tomorrow.

Forums Decomissioned

I’ve gone ahead and taken down the forums completely to eliminate all possibility of malware.

For feedback, please head to the Raidbots Blog and leave a comment on a news post or the bugs page.

Details about Forum Malware.  For nerds!

I tried every reasonable option: installed a clean and up-to-date version of the forum software, ran rkhunter and clamav, used several other online malware detection tools, removed third party middleware, compared source code to clean versions, ran full filesystem scans for the malicious sites in both normal text and base64 encoded versions, and more.  Nothing showed up anywhere.

I was never able to see what Google was reporting as malware even with the Google Webmaster “Fetch as Google” tools – many forms of web malware only display themselves to the Googlebot in an attempt to artificially raise otherwise unsavory websites.  I was completely unable to reproduce conditions where I could even see the malicious links that Google reported.

Pretty annoying.

I still have no idea how my site was compromised.  It’s possible that my site was flagged as some sort of false positive but Google continued to flag the forums site every time I marked the site as clean.

I’m still very curious about what was actually going on so I can avoid situations like this in the future.  If anyone has an ideas, I’d love to hear it.

Forum Malware (Updated)

Update 10/20: I’ve updated the forum software and run a battery of anti-virus and rootkit tests against the system.  Everything checks out and I’m unable to reproduce the problems found by Google.  I’ve requested a review of the site to ensure no malware is being hosted on the forums.  Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary!

I’m aware that Google has flagged the forum site as having had malware at some point in the last week.

First off, this doesn’t affect the main site.  The forums are located on a different host in a different data center.  So the main site should be fine and shouldn’t put anyone at risk.
I’m looking into the issue but I haven’t directly seen any of the malicious JavaScript that Google is reporting.  It seems that the malware was either temporary or has gone dormant on the forums.  I’ll be performing a deep scan for malicious scripts and making sure that the forum software is brought back up-to-date.
I sincerely hope no one was affected and will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Monk Data Available

There was a bug in my code that left monks in the dark.  I’ve fixed the issue and am rerunning all the parses from last week.  Monk data should be available by tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry for the mixup!

Update 1AM EST: I am seeing some monks appear in EpeenBot.  Let me know if any issues remain.  They won’t entirely work for another hour or so as the percentiles have yet to be calculated for the new data.  That should likely be done by 2 or 3AM EST.

MoP Normal Data Available

Data has started flowing back into the site.  Right now WOL is unable to differentiate between normal and heroic which is why the main page appears to not have been updated.  This will be fixed sometime in the near future but for the moment you’ll have to switch to normal.  I’m considering switching it to normal and then switching back but I fear folks might get more confused than they already are at the blank state of the home page.  We shall see.

You can hop directly to 25 Normal Spec Score with this URL:

Some people have been sending me some issues with EpeenBot and others (thank you for the reports!  I will respond when I fix them!) and I’ll be taking a look at those when I have some time, probably this weekend.

There will be some more kinks.  World of Logs is dealing with some combat log changes that Blizzard implemented that make determining difficulty and size much harder than it used to be.  There will definitely be bugs in the short term as they figure out how to solve those problems.

Let me know if anything else isn’t quite working correctly!

MoP Data Coming Soon!

TLDR; Sorry for the late updates – I was on vacation right before MoP hit and RL work has been quite busy so the Raidbots updates fell by the wayside a bit.


There’s been a bit of a delay in getting updated for MoP but that should be fixed in not too long if all goes well.  Most of the website code has been updated to handle Monks and the new raids.  I’m working to coordinate some aspects of the World of Logs data export with the awesome WOL guys and then basically run all the new data from the launch of MoP until now.

Once that’s all done, everything should return to normal and data should flow in every day as you’ve come to expect!  I’m hoping to have it fixed up over the weekend so check back soon!


LFR Live for Patch 5.0

Welcome to 5.0!

LFR data has been collecting for a week or so and should show up on DPSBot and EpeenBot.  In addition, I fixed a couple of CompareBot bugs for LFR as well so that should be nicer.

As usual with a new patch, it’s going to take a few days for the real world numbers to settle down so keep checking back to see how your class and specs are ranking!